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We provide a complete range of foundations services to suit both large and small-scale projects including domestic, commercial and civil building sectors. We have a wealth of experience in foundations and fixings projects with over 20 years of experience building to exceptionally high standards.

As a Midlands-based building company, we offer foundations work operating throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

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Ashurst Civils offers expert foundation services in the Midlands, delivering high-quality solutions for all types of construction projects. Our skilled team of engineers and builders have years of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in foundation work. When investing time and money into a new project, it’s vital you choose trustworthy builders as foundation work is critical for supporting a building’s structure.

Whether you’re looking for piling, underpinning, or groundwork, Ashurst Civils has the expertise and resources to ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. With a commitment to safety, quality, and innovation, we’re the go-to provider for foundation services in the Midlands. Our team of contractors are equipped to start a brand new foundation project or repair and reinforce current foundation work.


Piling is the technique used in foundation work that drives and drills slender columns called ‘piles’ into the ground to reach stable soil or a layer of rock. They’re made from steel or concrete or timber and transfer a load of a structure to the more stable surface deep underground.

Driven piles are installed into the ground using impact or vibrating hammers and can be quicker, more efficient solutions for load bearing. Bored piles involve drilling holes into the ground filling them with concrete and placing a precast concrete pile inside. They can be versatile for foundation construction. Screw piles are twisted into the ground and are useful for areas with more difficult soil conditions or where vibration needs to be minimised. 


groundwork finishing and tarmacking with Ashurst Civils ltd
groundwork finishing and tarmacking with Ashurst Civils ltd


Underpinning is used to strengthen and stabilise an existing foundation that may have become unstable. By adding reinforcements and new materials, it involves extending the depth or breadth of a foundation to effectively increase its load bearing. This could involve pouring concrete into the trenches of a foundation built. More piles can be added to strengthen existing ones too. The changes in soil or nearby construction activities can cause a building’s foundation work to shift or it can be a necessary process if a building is being renovated or extended. 

These methods and techniques require careful planning and engineering. Ashurst Civil Ltd. will put our expertise to use and ensure successful and safe construction.

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